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The Beatles (Opening)One, Two, Three, Faw
Led Zeppelin (Opening)For some, it's spotlight is stolen by Stairway to Heaven
The Eagles (Opening)You can never leave it
Elvis Presley (Opening)Whatever you do, just don't step on them
The Doors (Opening)First single, less successful than 'Light my Fire'
The Beatles (Opening)Banned by the BBC because of its reference to 'Coca Cola'
Deep Purple (Opening)Few can sing the opening glissando
Led Zeppelin (Opening)Its about vikings
The Who (Opening)Featured on CSI: New York
Queen (Opening)Featured in 'A Knights Tale', often plays at sporting events
The Beatles (Closing)One of the first 'Hidden Tracks' ever
Pink Floyd (Closing)Sometimes confused as an extension of 'Brain Damage'
The Doors (Closing)Very appropriate name for a closing track
Lynyrd Skynyrd (Closing)Nine minutes long, about half of that is the guitar solo
Pink Floyd (Opening and Closing)Twenty-six minutes long, had to be split in half to fit on the vinyl
Neil Young (Closing)Changes between three separate time signatures
AC/DC (Closing)Closes off the album with hits such as 'Hell's Bells', 'You Shook Me All Night Long', and the popular title track
Aerosmith (Closing)Followed by an unnamed hidden track
Iron Butterfly (Closing)Takes up all of side two
The Beatles (Closing)Ends with a booming piano chord that rings out for over forty seconds

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