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Can you name whether the plot element is from the X-Files or Doctor Who?

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Plot elementEnter XF or DWEpisode Name
Scientists working on the Arctic Ice Core project have seemingly gone crazy and killed each other, and an ancient micro-organism from one of the deep core samples is responsible.
Cockroaches are linked to deaths in a small town.
At a South American dig, archaeologists unearth the grave of an ancient shaman. A murdered anthropologist is seemingly killed by a large cat.
A scientist unveils a machine that makes him young again, but it scrambles his genetic code and he is now a beastly creature.
A dead man is found with a large fluke worm attached to his liver. The creature seems to be trying to reproduce by finding human hosts.
A swarm of bugs that only comes out at night is responsible for the deaths of 30 loggers.
A prestigious school for girls turns out to be a nest of vampires.
Three vampires are killing victims three at a time.
An unusual planetary alignment is linked to a series of deaths and the heroes acting out of character.
A kid genius creates a computer system for cars, but people driving them begin to die around the world.
People are found dead in locked rooms with their livers torn out.
A moral crusader is recruiting beautiful people for her idyllic city, while rigid corpses dyed red are piling up.
A ship crew are being picked off one by one by a ghostly apparition, believed to be a legendary Siren, who marks her prey before retrieving them with a black spot on their hand.
TV signals are creating a sense of paranoia in viewers, preying on their deepest fears.
A scientist at a volcano site is found dead at the bottom of a crater. An unknown silicon-based organism seems to be responsible.
The inhabitants of a scientific base are being infected by a mysterious water creature which takes over its victims.
Plot elementEnter XF or DWEpisode Name
A Montana Native American reserve is attacked by a monster, bringing forward an old lycanthropic legend.
A space shuttle launch is sabotaged by the astronaut in charge, who experienced an encounter with an alien creature during his last flight.
The rescued crew of a salvage ship are suffering from severe radiation burns, all but the one who piloted the rescue suit.
A creature is using television to feed on people's brainwaves leaving them faceless and mindless.
A former army Major, now psychologist, and an empathic psychic are investigating the existence of a very lonely ghost in an old manor house.
An alien presence has housed itself within the confines of a little girl and is exploiting her talent for drawing pictures for its own alien motives.
Drilling near a small village reaches a depth of 21 kilometers when people begin to be swallowed into the ground. The drilling disturbed an ancient reptilian race.
The heroes encounter a strange creature in a mysterious hotel, where people are being driven mad by their greatest fears.
A bus is disabled and the passengers are being taken over by a mysterious being.
Three British politicians are killed by someone who sets them on fire with his mind.
A vanished ship is rescued in the North Sea but the survivors seem to have aged five decades in only weeks.
A submarine engaged in undersea drilling brought aboard a creature encased in ice, who has been lying dormant for 5000 years.
Alien creatures are living in the gas lighting system of an undertaker's home and taking possession of the dead.
The chairman of a major computer company is found electrocuted at the office and the computer genius who created its elaborate computer system is under suspicion.
Strangely sentient snow is forming into vicious snowmen, feeding off the nightmares of a little girl.
A brotherhood of monks are worshiping a being taking the form of a werewolf which is being passed down from person to person.

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