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QUIZ: Can you name the Can you name the potent plant by their legendary impact??

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Some is myth and some may be true
Some say Celtic warriors added this herb to their wine before battle for courage...(Maybe it was just the wine!
Some say that using this may improve your memory... (I like it with lamb!)
Some say that burning this can remove negative energy... (I like it with turkey!)
Some say that eating this plant can kill you despite the foxxy name... (A real heartbreaker!)
Some say Stonewall Jackson ate this and went mad for several key days of the US Civil war. (They thought a spy put it in the supper!)
Some say all cats enjoy this, but it makes an good tea for bedtime. (Rumored to cause heavier menstration in women!)
Some say if you are in a pickle and need to decrease flatulence or increase breast milk you might try this...
If you wish to keep an unwanted lover away, you might eat this... (I never go to Transylvania without it!)
Some say that this can help with motion sickness. (I snap up the cookies!)
Some say this herb promises health, wisdom, and fertility... (True or not, this is one of the best selling hebal remedies!)

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