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DefinitionAnswerEnding Letter
The main source of items in the beginning of the Hunger GamesA
Abandoned spider homeB
A word meaning 'city-related' or a Honda carC
A group of two or more music notes played togetherD
A British biscuit in AmericaE
Something no longer wanted, mainly clothesF
A human-machine hybrid (bonus point for the really long lake name)G
Sneeze with your mouthH
Squid, if you want to sound fancy and ItalianI
Cayman Islands FIPS codeJ
A form of payment or when your king is under attackK
A tool that can be used to carve stone into sculpturesL
A spell or object of good luck and a quark flavorM
We life forms are all based on thisN
One of two rectangular states in the USO
A member of the po-poP
A 2001 movie whose title means 'seek you'Q
One day, it will turn into a beautiful butterfly. Unless it gets eaten.R
A spiky desert plantS
Entertainment at a nightclub while the audience is diningT
A type of reindeerU
A young brat (Brit.)V
A mechanical tool featured prominently in horror moviesW
Persuade, normally by using flatteryX
Hey, I just met you, and this is _____Y
Multicolored fabric with a glazed finishZ

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