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DefinitionWordEnding Letter
Northernmost US stateA
Captain from Moby DickB
The top level of a houseC
Types of this include hydrochloric, stomach, and sulfuricD
Largest city in New Mexico or Weird Al's longest song so farE
A bit of alcohol taken before a mealF
Cushioning device for car crashesG
Curved surface above doorways or under bridgesH
A former student (plural)I
An irrigation system that diverts water into man-made channels; primarily found in OmanJ
Take aggressive action on an opposing forceK
Said to be a messenger of God, typically with wings and a robeL
'Nag a ram' is oneM
One of the basic mathematic operationsN
Early Michael Jackson hairstyleO
A program that you can use on an electronic device (abbr.)P
The Latin equivalent of 'equals'Q
An object flung over the side of a ship to keep it moving any furtherR
Early Chinese calculator made with beads on wiresS
A smaller version of a house, with many in a single buildingT
Goodbye, if you want to sound fancyU
Anguilla's FIPS 10-4 country codeV
Katniss, Merida, and Hawkeye's main weaponW
A deadly disease or a heavy metal bandX
The capital of New York (No, not New York City)Y
King of Diction from the Phantom TollboothZ

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