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QUIZ: Can you answer the extremely hard trivia from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone?

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Forced Order
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What is the name of the weatherman on the Dursleys' television?
How many times does Dumbledore click the Put-Outer?
Where does McGonagall suspect Dedalus Diggle of creating shooting stars?
On what day of the week does Harry recieve twenty-four letters from Hogwarts?
What room do Harry and the Dursleys stay in at the Railview Hotel?
Who wrote 'A Beginner's Guide to Transfiguration?
What time does Harry wake up on September 1st?
What is the flavour of grey Bertie Botts' Every Flavour Beans?
Name one of the three books Hermione lists that Harry is in on the train
Who gets Sorted before Harry?
What is the blood status of Seamus Finnigan?
When the first-years meet Peeves, what does he throw at them?
What do they have to do in their first Transfiguration lesson (other than notes)?
How many points from Gryffindor does Snape take in Harry's first potions lesson?
Ron almost hit a what on Charlie's old broomstick?
What type of owl brings Neville his Remembrall?
How long did the longest Quidditch game go on for (According to Wood)?
What type of gloves is Hagrid wearing as he defrosts broomsticks before the Quidditch match?
How many Malfoys is Neville worth?
What time does Hermione, Neville, Harry, and Malfoy's detention take place?
Hermione didn't have to learn about what two things for their History of Magic exam?
What percentage did Hermione get on her Charms exam?
In the Key Room, what colour is the handle of the door to go into the next chamber?
In the game of chess, what piece does Harry take the place of?
When Harry wakes up in the hospital wing, what does he think Dumbledore's glasses are when he wakes up?
What is the total amount of points Neville won for Gryffindor the whole year?

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