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Can you answer the extremely hard trivia from Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince?

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Forced Order
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In response to asking if he was a hoax, what did Cornelius Fudge turn the muggle Prime Minister's teacup into?
What animal did Bellatrix kill at Spinner's End?
When Harry acquires ownership of Kreacher, what is the first order he gives him?
What is Dumbledore's favourite flavour of jam?
Ever since the return of Voldemort, what have the nine hands of Mrs. Weasley's clock been pointing to?
In what class did Harry receive an A on his O.W.L. results?
What colour are the robes Draco is trying on in Madam Malkin's when Harry, Ron, and Hermione walk in?
How long do Fred and George's Patented Daydream Charms last?
What are Slughorn's first three initials?
What are the last names of the other three Aurors who are stationed in Hogsmeade with Tonks? (Alphabetical order)
What type of bean is used in the Draught of Living Death?
What Ministry of Magic department did Bob Ogden work in?
How old was Stan Shunpike when he was arrested on suspicion of Death Eater activity?
What is the first name of the friend who was with Katie Bell when she was cursed?
Name one of the mentioned objects that Tom Riddle stole and kept in a cardboard box while at the orphanage.
'Quintessence: A Quest', was a book Harry had to read for what class?
Which Celestina Warbeck song did Molly and Arthur Weasley dance to when they were eighteen?
Whose third Law states that 'the antidote for a blended poison will be equal to more than the sum of the antidotes for each of the separate components'?
What are the three D's, that are important to remember when Apparating (according to Wilkie Twycross)?
Which Hufflepuff Chaser does Luna mistakenly call 'Bibble' and 'Buggins'?
What was the first name of Professor Merrythought?
When Ron took the Apparition exam, what part of him did he leave behind?
According to Hagrid, Aragog was approximately the same size as what breed of dog when he hatched?
A favourite pastime of the Bloody Baron's involves groaning and clanking in what part of Hogwarts?
James Potter and Sirius Black were punished with detention when they caused the head of which student to swell to twice its normal size? (First and last name)
Fill in the blank: Eileen Prince, Captain of the Hogwarts _________ Team
What image is embroidered on Madam Rosmerta's dressing gown?
After Harry and Dumbledore return from the cave, how do they travel from Hogsmeade to the Astronomy Tower?
Fill in the blank: 'I had to mend that broken _________ _______ that no one's used for years. The one ________ got lost in last year.'
How did Draco communicate with Rosmerta while he had her under the Imperius curse?
Give the full name of one of the wizards Hermione comes across when looking for well-known wizards with the initials R.A.B.
What scent does Filch's tie reek of?
What shade are the flames that surround Dumbledore's body, before forming a tomb around it?

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