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Can you answer the extremely hard trivia from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix?

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Forced Order
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Harry is hiding behind what type of bush while listening to the news?
The Dursleys believe they have been short-listed for what competition?
What is the first dessert that Harry has at Grimmauld Place?
What colour are Kreacher's eyes?
What is Mrs Figg's full name?
Ron's new broom goes from naught to _______ in ten seconds.
The Quibbler states that Sirius Black is actually Stubby Boardman. This fact was learned from an interview with what witch (first and last name)?
What is the last line of the Sorting Hat's new song?
Fill in the blanks to this potion instruction: 'Add powdered _________, stir _____ times counter-clockwise, allow to simmer for _____ minutes then add ___ drops of _____ of _______
What is the title of chapter one in Defensive Magical Theory?
When Harry takes Umbridge's note to McGonagall, what type of biscuit does McGonagall offer him?
What is Professor Sprout's preferred type of fertiliser?
For Keeper tryouts, which two students (first and last names) were better than Ron, but did not get picked?
What is the name of the watchwizard who arrested Sturgis Podmore (first and last name)?
How old is Lucius Malfoy (at this point in the series)?
While Umbridge is in McGonagall's Transfiguration class, what creature are the students learning how to Vanish?
In The Hog's Head, how much do three butterbeers cost (wizarding currency)?
According to Luna Lovegood, Cornelius Fudge has a private army of what?
What two animals are used to practice the Silencing Charm on?
When the D.A. first starts, how many member does it have?
While naming the D.A., what name does Angelina Johnson first suggest?
Fill in the blanks to the first verse of 'Weasley is Our King': 'Weasley cannot ____ a thing, he cannot block a ______ ____, that's why __________ all sing, Weasley is our King.'
What is the name of the oldest thestral on the Hogwarts grounds?
McGonagall's dressing gown is described as having what pattern?
According to Snape, resisting the Imperius Curse is somewhat similar to this.
When Hermione, Rita Skeeter, Luna and Harry meet in the Three Broomsticks, what was Luna drinking?
What is the password to Dumbledore's office that Umbridge uses when she discovers the D.A.?
What is the name of Fred and George's fireworks?
Umbridge suspects that Hagrid put what in her office?
In order to get students to avoid a certain hallway, Ginny claims that someone has let off what type of gas?
Which chestnut-bodied centaur confronts Umbridge, until she casts the 'incarcerous' spell on him?
What row number does Harry think he will find Sirius in?
What are the first names of the two brothers that Antonin Dolohov murdered (alphabetical order)?
What is the last sentence spoken by Sirius Black before his death?
Sixteen years prior, where did Dumbledore meet Trelawney for a job interview?
Luna and her father are going to which country to find what magical creature?

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