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Can you answer the extremely hard trivia from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire?

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Forced Order
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What is the name of Little Hangleton's village pub?
At what time and on what day of the week do the Weasleys come to take Harry to World Cup?
What is the name of Ludo Bagman's brother?
At the Quidditch World Cup, what is the name of the small boy who makes a slug swell to the alarming size of a salami?
Name all three of the Bulgarian Chasers, in alphabetical order.
In which book did Hermione read about the Dark Mark?
Name one of the two potion ingredients Harry had been running low on.
In which book is Durmstrang noted for its emphasis on the Dark Arts?
As soon as they go into the Entrance Hall at Hogwarts, what does Peeves start throwing at them?
What house was Orla Quirke placed in?
What is the first password to Gryffindor Tower?
What is the full title of the book Mad-Eye gives Neville?
Which Durmstrang student asked Karkaroff for wine?
In the Weighing of the Wands, Mr. Ollivander tests Cedric's wand by making smoke rings stream from it. What colour are the smoke rings?
What are the scores given to Harry after the first task (in order)?
What was the key ingredient in Snape's Antidote test?
What colour of socks does Ron give Dobby?
Finish the title of this book: Olde and Forgotten ____________ and _______
What is the total of Harry's points after the Second Task?
After Harry has a vision in Divination class, he goes to Dumbledore's office as Sirius instructed him to. What was the password to the office?
Which two Weasleys come to see Harry for the Third Task (first names only)?
What is the last sentence of the spell Wormtail uses to resurrect Voldemort?
When Priori Incantatem is activated, which figure is last to come from Voldemort's wand?
What is Barty Crouch Jr.'s fate?
In Dumbledore's end of the year speech about Cedric, what is the last sentence?
Which character in the book speaks last?

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