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Can you name the Name that harry poter charecter?

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Ginny's friend on ravenclawAnswer
Ginnys Friend from ravenclaw
Fails at everything but Herbology
Hates Harry Potter and teaches at Hogwarts
Can transfigure into a cat
The three Potters
who's patronus interrupts Bill and Fleur's wedding
Who were the four champions in the Tri-Wizard
Who was the house elf who belonged to the Black's
Who was taken into the chamber of secrets
Who runs Weasley Wizarding Weazes
who is facinated with muggles
Ginny's friend on ravenclawAnswer
The name of weasleys house
who sets it on fire
Elf that is at the quidditch game that is afraid of hights
who drops pudding on vernons business parteners wifes head
Who found what was in the chamber of secrets
Hermione marrys...
Harrys boys name
Harry marrys...
Harry's name in spanish
Bellatrix's last name
who's sister is
Who's son kills
Who mentors

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