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Anti-HTN-Central Sympathoplegics
Anti-HTN-Ganglionic Blockers
Anti-HTN-Nerve Terminal Blockers
Heart Failure-Cardiac Glycosides
Heart Failure-Beta Agonists
Heart Failure-PDE Inhibitors
Heart Failure-Vasodilators
Drug Classes used for Chronic Heart Failure
Drugs in Arrythmias-Group IA
Drugs in Arrythmias-Group IB
Drugs in Arrythmias-Group IC
Drugs in Arrythmias-Group II
Drugs in Arrythmias-Group III
Drugs in Arrythmias-Group IV
Drugs in Arrythmias-Treats Dig Toxicity
Drugs in Arrythmias-Opens K channels in AV node
Vasoactive Peptides-Vasodilators
Vasoactive Peptides-Vasoconstictors
Vasoactive Peptides-Mixed
BNP Agonist
Endothelin Antagonist
Vasopressin agonist
Vasopression Antagonist
Substance P Antagnost
Substance P Agonist
Used to reverse Unfractionated Heparin
Direct Thrombin Inhibitors
Oral Anticoagulants
Used to reverse Warfarin Toxicity
Thrombolytics-tPa derivatives
Non-tPa derivative that acts on plasminogen
Antiplatelet Drugs-COX Inhibitors
Antiplatelet Drugs-ADP Receptor Antagonist
Antiplatelet Drugs-GPIIa/IIIb Inhibitors
Antiplatelet Drugs-PDE Inhibitors
Antiplasmin Drugs
Used to increase vWf and Factor VIII
Antiplatelet Drugs-ADP Receptor Antagonist
Antiplasmin Drugs
Sterol Inhibitor
Bile Acid Resins
Vasoactive Peptides-Vasoconstictors

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