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Can you name the Eicosanoids/Associated Drugs by Function?

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Increased Bronchial Tone, Increased PGE, PGI, TXA
Inflammation, Attracts Leukocytes
Decreased platelet aggregation, edema, secretagogue, increase LT activity
Vasodilation, smooth muscle relaxation, patency of ductus arteriosus, uterine tone and contraaction
Uterine Tone, Uterine Contraction, decreased intraocular pressure, bronchocontriction
GI Protection, Smooth Muscle Relaxation,
Vasoconstriction, Platelet Aggregation
Interpulmonary Vein Constriction, Renal Vein Relaxation
Smooth muscle Contraction, Vasoconstriction, Leutolysis
Vasodilation, Bronchodilation, Large decrease in platelet aggregation, uterine relaxation
Large increase in platelet aggregation, increased vascular and uterine tone
Control of Clotting
Inhibition of Phospholipase A2
Irreversible Inhibition of cyclooxyegenases
Reversible Inhibition of Cyclooxygenases
Inhibition of the CysLT1 receptor
Inhibition of the production of leukotrients
Used to accelerate the closure of the patent ductus arteriosus
PGE analog used for decreasing bronchospasm
PGE2 analog used for abortions and cervical ripening
PGF2 analog used for abortions
PGF2 analog used for abortions and induction of labor
PGF2 analog used for reduction of intraocular pressure
PGE1 analog used for impotence, and maintenance of patent ductus arteriosus
PGE1 analog used for peptic ulcer disease and abortions
PGI2 analog used to treat pulmonary HTN
PGI2 analog used to treat pulmonary HTN, and to reduce platelets in dialysis machines
Eicosanoid that acts at TP receptors
COX2-selective NSAID still on market
Drug that causes diversion of arachadonic acid to lipooxygenase pathway

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