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What is Creed's job title?Not doing a good job
What is Roy's brother's first name?Jetski's
How does Gil describe Pam's artwork?Conversation with Oscar.
How much money does Dwight spend on the sword for his Halloween costume?
Who get's fired instead of Creed?dressed as a hobo.
What is Moses' biggest fear?Schrute farm nightmares.
What county is Scranton in?Chilis
What is Michael's middle name?His grandfathers first name too
What is the name of Jan's candle company?
What is Michael's favorite drama movie?Rents this movie from Netflix a dozen times
What is Michael's favorite action movie?Telemarketing discussion
What is Jim's avatar's name in 2nd life?stalking dwight
Name the accapella group Andy sang in at Cornell?
Where can GAYDAR be purchased?sold out
What did Stanley get Pam and Roy for a wedding gift?
What does Michael call his favorite pants?dry cleaned pants
What is the first name of the Stamford branch manager?
What does 'Someone took the slow train from Philly' mean?
What is the state (abr.) for the Stamford branch?
What is the concierge's name in Winnipeg?how you say?

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