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Who plays Jeremy Grey?
Chazz's widow's husband died doing what?
What does Jeremy claim he can do when playing football?
What 'Hail Mary' did Jeremy want to 'throw up'?
What is put in Sack's drink at dinner?
Why does Jeremy sleep at John's house every year for his birthday?
What ability does John claim to have in order to meet Claire?
What does Chazz offer to John?
What color sleeping bag does Jeremy have?
John and the secretary step out to have...what?
What does Jeremy make out of balloons for the annoying kid?
Who is Will Ferrell's character
Who do they pose as at the main wedding?
After the football game, what drinks do everyone have?
What are John and Jeremy's real jobs?
What do they hunt on the family trip?
What kind of animal does Sack portray at dinner?
Who plays John Beckwith

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