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What does 'DDR' stand for?
How many minigames are there in 'Wii Play'?
The 'Locust Horde' are enemies in which game series?
What is the name of the Autumn Fairy in the 'Spyro the Dragon' series?
What Nintendo Console could you play 'Mario's Picross'?
Who is the main antagonist in 'Crash Bandicoot'?
Can you finish the game title? '_____: Door to Phantomile'
Taito released a famous arcade game in 1978, what was it?
'Super Mario Sunshine' is set where?
'Loco Roco' was released for what platform?
Henry Stauf is a toymaker in what game series?
Which 'The Legend of Zelda' game has a dungeon entitled 'Lakebed Temple'?
Daxter is the sidekick to which PlayStation exclusive hero?
'Spore' was published by what company?
'Myst' is a game under what genre?
'Katamari Damacy' is developed by what game company?
Which 'Mario Kart' game has a track called 'Toad's Turnpike'?
'Pokemon Pearl' is set in what region?
Blinky, Inky and Pinky. Who is missing?
Pauline is the damsel in distress in what classic video game?

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