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Can you name these characters from AC I-IV

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Modern Day AssassinProtagonist
Modern Day AssassinAC, ACII, ACB
Modern Day AssassinACII, ACB, ACR, ACIII, ACIV
Modern Day AssassinACII, ACB, ACR, ACIII, ACIV
Modern Day AssassinACIII
Abstergo DirectorAC, ACII, ACIII
Subject 16ACII, ACB, ACR
Medieval AssassinProtagonist
Weapons Dealer, TemplarDamascus
Doctor, TemplarAcre
Slaver, TemplarJerusalem
Merchant King, TemplarDamascus
Crusader Regent, TemplarAcre
Saracen Regent, TemplarJerusalem
Teutonic Knight, TemplarAcre
Chief Scholar of Damascus, TemplarDamascus
Templar Knight, TemplarArsuf
Grand Master of Levantine AssassinsMasyaf
Crusader LeaderAcre
Saracen LeaderDamascus
Mentor of the Italian AssassinsProtagonist
Judge, TemplarFlorence
Thug, TemplarFlorence
Banker, TemplarFlorence
Pazzi ConspiratorTuscany
Pazzi ConspiratorTuscany
Pazzi ConspiratorTuscany
Pazzi Conspirator'Tuscany
Pazzi Conspirator, TemplarTuscany
Merchant, TemplarVenice
Council of Ten, TemplarVenice
'Il Rosso', TemplarVenice
Doge of Venice, TemplarVenice
Templar, Servant of Barbarigo FamilyVenice
Templar AssassinForlí
HintAnswerExtra Info
Templar AssassinForlí
Dominican Friar, Bonfire of the VanitiesFlorence
Pope Alexander VI, TemplarRome
Assassin, MercenaryMonteriggioni
Assassin, ThiefFlorence
Assassin, CourtesanFlorence
Assassin, MercenaryVenice
Assassin, ThiefVenice
Assassin, CourtesanVenice
Assassin, RomeRome
Leader, Assassin AllyFlorence
Leader, Assassin AllyForlí
Leader, Assassin AllyVenice
Renaisance Assassin AllyFlorence, Forlí, Venice, Rome
Templar, 'The Banker'Rome
Templar, French GeneralRome
Templar, Borgia AssassinRome
Borgia, Daughter of PopeRome
Borgia, Son of PopeRome
Assassin, Courtesan MadaméFlorence, Monteriggioni, Rome
Cult of Hermes LeaderRome
Turkish Assassin LeaderConstantinople
Ottoman PrinceConstantinople
Leader of the Byzantine TemplarsConstantinople
Templar CaptainMasyaf
Jannisary CaptainConstantinople
Templar ExecutionerCapadoccia
Former Byzantine HeirCapadoccia
Ottoman General, Assassin AllyConstantinople
Native American AssassinProtagonist
Colonial Assassin MentorDavenport Homestead
Colonial AssassinBoston
Colonial AssassinBoston
Colonial AssassinBoston
Colonial AssassinNew York
HintAnswerExtra Info
Colonial AssassinNew York
Colonial AssassinNew York
Grand Master of the Colonial TemplarsNew York
Deputy of the Colonial TemplarsNew York
Colonial Templar, FinancesFrontier
Colonial Templar, MilitaryFrontier
Colonial Templar, UndergroundNew York
Colonial Templar, LogisticsNew England
Colonial Templar, Naval New England
United States General and PresidentNew York
United States InventorBoston
Assassin Naval CaptainDavenport Homestead
Pirate AssassinNassau
Leader of Caribbean AssassinsTulum
Assassin turned TemplarCaribbean
French TemplarHavana
Dutch Templar AssociateKingston
British Pirate Hunter
Pirate turned Pirate HunterPrincipé
Pirate turned Pirate HunterPrincipé
Templar, Pirate turned Pirate HunterNassau
Pirate HunterCaribbean
Templar Prisoner turned PirateCaribbean
Templar ExecutionerHavana
Grand Master of the Caribbean TemplarsHavana
One Who Came BeforeFirst Civilisation
One Who Came BeforeFirst Civilisation
One Who Came BeforeFirst Civilisation
One Who Came BeforeFirst Civilisation

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