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Can you answer the basic questions about the chapters 'The Man I Killed' and 'Ambush?'

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What was the shape of the hole on the man’s eye? A) Star B) Cross C) Square D) Circle
With what weapon did O’Brien kill the Vietnamese man? A) Grenade B) Gun C) Knife D) Missile
What did O’Brien imagine the man he killed studying? A) Biology B) Math C) Chemistry D) Writing
How did O’Brien imagine the man he killed? A) Manly and ready for war B) Weak and afraid of war C) Excited to leave his studies for war D) Confused about why he had to go to war.
Who was O’Brien’s partner throughout the chapter ambush? A) Cross B) Lavender C) Kiowa D) Dobbins
What relation did Kathleen have to O’Brien? A) Mother B) Wife C) Sister D) Daughter
What was O’Brien doing during most of the chapter “The Man I Killed” A) Staring at the body B) Killing the soldier C) Sleeping D) Playing cards
What foods did Azar compare the dead body to? A) Shredded Wheat B) Eggs C) Carrots D) Steak
How does Kiowa rationalize the Vietnamese man’s death? A) It was his time to die. B) Everyone dies eventually C) He was going to attack them D) He was a soldier so it was expecte
What did O’Brien tell Kathleen about his time in Vietnam? A) He killed many people B) He didn’t kill anybody C) He was thrilled to go to war D) He was terrified of the war
O’Brien ______ when being comforted by him A) yelled at kiowa to leave him alone B) thanked Kiowa for his sympathy C) doesn’t answer Kiowa D) says death is bound to happen
O’Brien was _____ after killing the man A) thrilled that he finally killed someone B) upset he only killed one man C) filled with regret D) happy to save the life of his friend

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