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Known for being hated by all the girls in the house even though she was a fan favorite. Also she is a blondeSeason 11
Known for manipulating all the girls in the houseSeason 9
Known for being on of the baddest replacements even though she was only shown for 3 episodesSeason 8
The godmother of all bad girlsSeason 2
Gave out the worst ass whopping on Bgc historySeason 7
Known for being one of the craziest girls in bgc historySeason 7
The last replacement on BgcSeason 17
'I dont understand'Season 9
Known for making all of the girls get sent homeSeason 9
The sh-realest girl on her sh-season and she was sh-ready for anybodySeason 16
One of the prettiest girls to ever be on the showSeason 6
Winner of bgcasb season 2Season 11
Known for fighting TanishaSeason 2
I run LaSeason 4
The only bad girl with dreadsSeason 15
She superglued a girl to her chairSeason 8
She twerked after she got jumpedSeason 11
Possibly the most hated girl in Bgc historySeason 11
The biggest liar in bgc historySeason 15
Got the house key out of the poolSeason 14
She had the first fight in bgc historySeason 1
She is from BostonSeason 3
Known for having to pee and leaving earlySeason 6
30 inchesSeason 11
She became transgender after the showSeason 9
Called the cops on stasiSeason 7
She had beef with every girl on her seasonSeason 12
The only replacement on her seasonSeason 7
B,B,B,B BullyingSeason 11
Known for being very ditsySeason 9
Her dad died while she was doing BGCASBSeason 10
Known for getting jumped and sending Ailea homeSeason 3
She is from NigeriaSeason 10
Known for being fat and proudSeason 12
Known for having a lot of Tatoos and getting sent home for kicking JanelleSeason 11
Her name is a numberSeason 17
She handle 2 girls at onceSeason 11
She hooked up with TaloneSeason 16
She was attacked in her sleepSeason 1
Possibly the most irrelevant Bad Girl in historySeason 9
She was the most hated on her seasonSeason 3
The only bad girl to pass awaySeason 12
She won BGCASB 1Season 10
She fought Jela many timesSeason 14
She is a twin and she was on the redemption seasonSeason 8
She was too classy for bgcSeason 6
She broke her ankle on her seasonSeason 4
She had the best hands on her seasonSeason 1
She always rocked Chanel Season 8
She was in the house for less than 24 hoursSeason 11
Known for her red hairSeason 6
She had bad balance when she was fightingSeason 17
She was a country music starSeason 1
She was the prettiest girl on her seasonSeason 1
She got jumped when she was in the car trying to leave the houseSeason 8
Known for being lesbianSeason 7
She never drank before BgcSeason 16
There was a rumor that she had sex with the producersSeason 5
She never fought on her season and her name is a colorSeason 12
Known for being a country girl and fighting JelaSeason 14
She got bit by RimaSeason 9
She was on Ex on the BeachSeason 15
She left the house early but she was a fan favoriteSeason 5
The other twinSeason 8
She was very buff and said bro a lotSeason 6
The other buff bad girl known for bum rushing ValentinaSeason 10
She was the smallest girl in the house and she got jumpedSeason 9
She got sent home for bullying and is a famous rapper nowSeason 16
She dated Justin BieberSeason 11
You taking your socks offSeason 11
She talked crap about every girl as soon as she walked in and got beat upSeason 12
Your a cheeseburger away from obeseSeason 2
Known for fighting NatalieSeason 4
She was not a bad girl at allSeason 4
She was Raesha's cousinSeason 12
She was the ugliest girl on her seasonSeason 1
Known for being goofy and funnySeason 7
Everyone thought Kristen tried to stab herSeason 5
She spit on FranSeason 17
She had red hair and she jumped Dani and GabiSeason 8
One of the most popular bad girls everSeason 9
She got sent home for fighting rockySeason 10
She was about that bad girl life and was a fan favorite on her seasonSeason 3
I said too____ I said too____Season 2
Known for getting the worst bullying treatment in bgc historySeason 16
Winner of Love Games 1Season 4
She had no edgesSeason 11
Her and Blu were a thing throughout the seasonSeason 12
Fought everyone with JaimeeSeason 15
Fought everyone with JazmynSeason 15
Fought Sydney on love gamesSeason 6
Left a letter when she got sent homeSeason 5
The youngest one in the houseSeason 7
Was best friends with JulieSeason 9
She got dragged by Alicia when she left the houseSeason 10
Started an argument over CigarettesSeason 14
She wore a HUGE bow on her headSeason 15
The chief executive b*****Season 6
Known for being Loren's cousinSeason 12
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