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Can you name the Rides + Rollercoasters In Uk Theme Parks?

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Oakwood Theme Park
Gerstlauer Eurofighter Rollercoaster 
Ghost Train 3D 
Flying Plane Ride 
Pirate Ship 
Steel Rollercoaster 
Wooden Rollercoaster 
Water Slide 
Sky Coaster 
Shot n Drop Tower 
Dinghy Slide 
Water Coaster 
Thorpe Park
Steel Inverted Rollercoaster 
Steel Launched Rollercoaster 
Sky Swat 
Water Ride 
Screaming Swing 
Drop Tower 
River Rapids 
Backwards Rollercoaster 
Gerstlauer Eurofighter Rollercoaster 
Alton Towers
Steel Verticle Drop Rollercoaster 
Steel Flying Rollercoaster 
Dark Ride 
Intamin AG Accelerator Coaster 
Top Spin Ride 
Steel Spinning Rollercoaster 
Steel Rollercoaster (last season in use 2008) 
Enclosed Steel Rollercoaster (last season in use 2005) 
Inverted Rollercoaster 
Drayton Manor
Gyro Swing Ride 
Pirate Ship 
Steel Rollercoaster 
Water Ride 
Stand Up Rollercoaster 
Freefall Tower 
Chessington World Of Adventures
Top Spin Ride 
Log Flume 
Disk-O Coatser Ride 
Suspended Rollercoaster 
Steel Spinning Rollercoaster 
Mouse Rollercoaster 
Blackpool Pleasure Beach
Wodden Rollercoaster 
Wooden Racing Rollercoaster 
Inverted Steel Rollercoaster 
Arrow Dynamics Shuttle Rollercoaster 
Drop Tower 
Steel Bobsled Rollercoaster 
Indoor Water Flume 
Mouse Wooden Coaster 
Three Tracked Raceing Coaster 
Steel Coaster 
Steel Rollercoaster 
Wild Mouse Coaster (last season in use 2009) 
Flamingo Land Resort
Steel Rollercoaster 
Camelot Theme Park
Diesel Powered Rollercoaster 

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