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DefinitionFood or Drink
A food made from cacao beans, eaten on its own or used as a coating or flavouring.
1. A small evergreen tree with pointed leathery leaves and white fragrant flowers. 2. A beverage prepared by infusing the dried leaves of this plant with boiling water.
A thin cake made from a batter of eggs, flour and milk, cooked on both sides in a frying-pan or on a griddle, and traditional in many parts of the world.
1. A sauce made with sugar, milk and cornflour. 2. A baked dish or sauce of eggs and sweetened milk.
A deciduous tree belonging to the rose family, widely cultivated in temperate regions for its edible fruit and ornamental flowers.
A mass of chopped or minced seasoned meat, especially pork or beef, sometimes mixed with fat, cereal, vegetables, etc, and stuffed into a tube of gut.
A type of semi-liquid food made from fermented milk, now often flavoured with fruit.
Any of several varieties of a leafy biennial plant, grown for its compact head of green, white or red edible leaves.
DefinitionFood or Drink
1. An evergreen tree which has oval leaves, white flowers and red fleshy fruits. 2. A popular drink which is prepared from the roasted and ground beans of the plant.
A solid food made by baking a mixture of flour, fat, eggs, sugar, etc.
A sweet creamy frozen dessert, made either from cream or a substitute and flavoured.
The common name for a family of marine bivalve mollusc with a soft fleshy body enclosed by a hinged shell, the fleshy part being a popular seafood.
A low-growing annual plant of the pulse family, native to tropical America, widely cultivated for its edible seeds which are produced under the ground in pods.
A solid or soft creamy food that is prepared from the curds of milk.
A dish, originally Indian, of meat, fish, or vegetables usually cooked with hot spices.
A liquid food that is made by boiling meat, vegetables, grains, etc together in a stock or in water.

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