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Can you name the Taskmaster contestant that won each task? Will be updated for series four eventually.

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most unusual itemreindeer skull
Eat as much watermelon as possible
paint a horse while on a horse
empty a bathtub
put up a tent and get in a onesie
most impressive itemlondon marathon medal
high-five a 55 year old
figure out contents of pies
make a reverse video
crack a code
most meaningful itemwedding ring
throw a teabag in a mug
make a picture on a GPS
buy a gift for the taskmaster (1)tattoo of 'greg'
get an egg high up
Stand up at 100 seconds
Most Beautiful itemplane ticket
make an ice block dissapear
get to 11 points
fill an egg cup with tears
memorise an Australian football team
most valuable itema cheque
move a boulder
longest nail
make a bed while holding hands
Make a swede blush
blow up a balloon while blindfolded
Most satisfying itemhomemade dish
mini golf with eggs
make a home movie blooper
make an alphabetic meal
separate sweets with boxing gloves
series 1 total
Most important documentMarriage certificate
place exercise balls on a yoga mat on the hill
throw a potato in a golf hole with out touching the red green
Get info from a Swedish person
pack a suitcase
Trendiest item of clothingshoes
eat an egg
create a nursery rhyme video
take a photo of an object that looks like youwear eye protection image
order a pizza not using certain words
make a pizza employee say bubbles
put potatoes in a basket using pool cues
Dinner party guestfriend from the gym
impress a mayor
make an unexpected silhouette
Buy a gift (2)donation in Greg's name using money from dart bets
Get a potato
get rabbits in a hat
coolest blue itemFridge Magnet
rescue a stuffed cat in a tree
conceal pineapple on your person
Make a task for Jon to doanswer how many he got right
make somethinga mini bar
build a potato tower
Best piece of memorabiliaJocky Wilson Autograph
Put items in a trolley
make a potato stop motion film
make a bridge for a Potato
put on gloves, eat a banana, put on a tie and clap
Series 2 total
Most flamboyant clocktake that clock
get to a microwave in as few steps as possible
propel a pea as far as possible
make the best snowman on a warm dayMashed Potato
Balance swedes on swedes
heaviest item in a shoeboxMarble
Surprise Alex
rescue Alex
paint an upside down condiment portrait
pop balloons
unravel tape and put it in a box
Battery powered objecttoilet light
fill an egg cup with sweat
Create the best domino rally
Buy a gift (3)things about Whem
create a flag meal
anchor balloons with bread
shiny objectChinese balls
spread clothes as far and as wide as possible
find out what an old man's job was
create the best special effect
cover your body with sticky notes
Most attractive relativeCary Grant
transfer water between buckets
foam hand Charades
sped up or slowed down video
place doughnuts on a stick
most unusual autograph on a vegetableDavid Suchet on a Broad Bean
destroy a cake beautifully
draw a caricature of a model you can't see
fell all the rubber ducks
Make the most juice
Most Boastful Itemsexiest man of the year award
keep a basketball on a running machine
paint a picture of Greg without touching the mat
put the most flour on a target
put an egg in an eggcup without touching it
make a balloon chain while staring at Greg
Best Membershipcheese toasty subscription

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