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LyricsSong titleAlbum
Lets travel down a different directionKiss & Tell
And I don't know exactly what i'm doingAnother Cinderella Story
My new boy used to be a modelWhen the Sun Goes Down
She's like a spider wiring for the killDisneymania
You're such a troublemaker and i like you just that wayKiss & Tell
I remember the first time but it wasn't the last timeWOWP
Well you know every things gonna be a breezeDisneymania
You're moving in circles you don't need a invitationKiss & Tell
Fly to who you areTinker Bell
Turn it back to the doorA Year Without Rain
its the one you saw on the trainWhen the Sun Goes Down
It doesn't hurt when I think of youKiss & Tell
I picked you out in a crowd of a thousand facesKiss & Tell
I know that my love for you is realKiss & Tell
You had me to get herKiss & Tell
Feel like I'm walking in the skyA Year Without Rain
When you talk they don't talk backKiss & Tell
Love like its all that we knowA Year Without Rain
A song that goes on and on When the Sun Goes Down
You left me spinning like a discoWhen the Sun Goes Down
Friday night and we'e just talkingKiss & Tell
LyricsSong titleAlbum
You make me so upset sometimesWhen the Sun Goes Down
How you chose to express yourselfKiss & Tell
Bring the beat back once moreAnother Cinderella Story
The chemistry is crazy and you make me feel amazing and i can't explainA Year Without Rain
You've been riding this horse a long timeWhen the Sun Goes Down
I can't stop my feet to the sound of his drumA Year Without Rain
Take it to another level this is remixShake It Up
You know fair tales don't come true not when it comes to youA Year Without Rain
Jeans to tight and you're hair ain't rightA Year Without Rain
You think you know me so wellKiss & Tell
The heat is blazing like the fourth of JulyA Year Without Rain
Theres no way to fake itKiss & Tell
When I needed you, you would always show up lateWhen the Sun Goes Down
Close your eyesDisneymania
Everthing's cool, yeahKiss & Tell
If you stay by my sideWhen the Sun Goes Down
Waiting for the night to comeWhen the Sun Goes Down
You making me crazyWhen the Sun Goes Down
Wouldn't want to be anybody else, ehhWhen the Sun Goes Down
Can you feel me, when I think about youA Year Without Rain

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