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Can you name these Pokemon by their Pokedex entry in the anime?

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Pokedex EntryPokemonGeneration
_____. Attacking with its sharp fangs, this Pokémon can drain three hundred cubic centimeters of blood per bite. I
_____, a Water Pokémon. Uses mysterious powers to perform various attacks. _____ constantly suffers from a headache. I
_____, the Weed Pokémon. _____ gives off a very unpleasant smell. While strong against Water Pokémon, _____ is weak against Fire and Flying types. I
A Forest Pokémon, _____. It likes cheese, nuts, fruits, and berries. It also comes out into open fields to steal food from stupid travelers. I
_____, the Plasma Pokémon. _____ plays practical jokes, which it carries out by embedding its plasma body in electronic devices. IV
_____, the Wool Pokémon. _____ stores static electricity in their wooly coat. They avoid battle and have mild dispositions. II
_____, the Long Tail Pokémon. _____ is able to climb and hang from branches using its powerful tail. _____ live atop tall trees. II
_____, the Weather Pokémon. _____ is able to transform its appearance depending on the weather. It uses the power of nature to transform in order to protect its small body. III
_____, the Soft Tissue Pokémon, and the weakest of all Dragon-types. In order to keep its body moist, _____ lives in places where it's dark and damp. VI
_____, the Sea Slug Pokémon. _____'s shape and color varies depending on where it lives. Two different varieties have been confirmed in the Sinnoh region. IV
_____, the Lightning Pokémon. Using the electric charge stored in its fur, it can run faster than the eye can follow. III
_____, the Puppy Pokémon. The long hair covering _____'s face is an excellent radar, which senses conditions in the surrounding area. V
_____, the Tricky Fox Pokémon. _____ hides its true form by changing its shape into people and Pokémon, and loves to surprise people. V
_____, the Sun Pokémon. _____ are able to read air currents allowing it to predict the future as well as its opponents' next moves. II
_____, the Music Pokémon. It copies whatever sounds it hears and arranges them into its own melody. IV
Pokedex EntryPokemonGeneration
_____, the Tiny Leaf Pokémon. Its shell is made of earth and when it absorbs water, it becomes harder. IV
_____, the Fire Mouse Pokémon. Normally mild and even tempered, _____ will shoot a scorching flame out of its back when upset. II
_____, the Sea Weasel Pokémon. It stores air in the sacs on its neck and uses them as flotation devices, and swims by spinning its two tails like a propeller. IV
_____, the Tiny Robin Pokémon. Although _____'s chirp is quite beautiful to hear, it is relentlessly tough with those who enter its territory. VI
_____, the Poodle Pokémon. _____ were assigned the task of protecting kings who ruled the Kalos region in ancient times. VI
_____, the Royal Heir Pokémon. _____'s jaws are so big and powerful, it can crunch up a car. If it doesn't like something, it responds with a wild tantrum. VI
_____, the Coal Pokémon. _____ burns coal within its body to produce energy. As a defense, _____ is able to release smoke from its nostrils and its back to confuse enemies. III
_____, the Torch Pokémon. A _____ shoots fire from its five horns to repel its enemies. They live at the base of volcanoes. V
_____, the Mushroom Pokémon. _____ is mild tempered and inhabits piles of rotting leaves inside of forests. III
_____, the Antenna Pokémon. _____ communicates long distance with other _____ by sending radio waves through its antenna-like whiskers. VI
_____, the Desert Croc Pokémon. A dark membrane protects its eyes from the sun, and it buries itself in the sand with its eyes and nose sticking out. V
_____, the Single Horn Pokémon. Though gentle and docile, _____ possesses great strength and power. Their favorite food is the fresh sap of leafy trees. II
_____, the Fang Snake Pokémon. _____ is known for its angry disposition, immobilizing its opponents by wrapping its body around them. III
_____, a Fox Pokémon. Its six tails are extremely beautiful. As it evolves, it grows even more tails. _____ uses powerful flame attacks. I
_____, the Cactus Pokémon. When _____ dance in rhythm, they sound like maracas shaking. They make their homes in dry desert-like areas. V

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