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Can you name the Key Items in Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow?

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Forced Order
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Given to you at the Viridian City Poke Mart to deliver to Professor Oak.
Given to you by the chairman of Vermilion City's Pokemon Fan Club.
Opens the closed doors in Silph Co.
Identifies the ghosts in Pokemon Tower.
One of two fossils you can choose from at Mt. Moon; revives into Omanyte.
Used to wake up Snorlax.
Finds items hidden on the ground.
Fossil given to you at back of the Pewter Museum which revives into Aerodactyl.
Unlocks the door of the Cinnabar Island gym.
Required to play the slot machines at Celadon City's Game Corner.
Given to you by the fisherman on Route 12.
Secondary mode of transportation that is faster than walking.
One of two fossils you can choose from at Mt. Moon; revives into Kabuto.
Allows you to use the elevator at Rocket Hideout.
Given to you by the fisherman in Vermilion City.
Allows you to board the S.S. Anne in Vermilion City.
Lost by the Safari Zone Warden; find at the Safari Zone to get the Strength HM.
Given to you by Daisy Oak after getting a starter Pokemon.
Given to you by the fisherman in Fuschia City.

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