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What is Tali's name in Mass Effect 1?
What is Tali's name at the beginning of Mass Effect 2?
What does Tali's name change to later on in Mass Effect 2?
Tali is a member of which alien race?
Members of this race must all wear...?
...because of their weak....?
What is the name of the group of ships Tali's people called home?
What was the name of the homeworld Tali's people were forced to flee?
They fled because of a rebellion by a race of synthetics called what?
What is the name of Tali's combat drone?
What year was Tali born?
Tali was born on which ship?
Tali first encounters Commander Shepard at which location?
Tali is in charge of a mission on Freedom's Progress to find who?
In Mass Effect 2, Tali is sent with a team of marines to which planet?
Who is the only other member of her team to survive that mission ?
Tali's people have how many fingers per hand?
What must all members of Tali's race undergo to become an adult?
What is the name of the popular phrased used by Tali's people.
What is the translation of this phrase?

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