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If a picture paints a thousand words, how come I'm speechless and full of nervous?
I'm done with ignorance is bliss and for this I'm gonna hu, hu, hurry
'B I'm so glad you made it'
Cause I don't want to get stuck in here when I am thirty-four just talking about high school years
I didn't know hindsight until it broke my heart. I didn't know how to sail until the winds blew so hard.
Carving their names into sap bleeding songs. The movie script it lasted sixty-six years long.
I'm not a stalker (I promise), I'm just a real big fan
You look like the songs that I've heard my whole life coming true
Life will write the words, but you choose your own melody
I guess my mind wanders off from time to time
Sir, excuse my rudeness, but I believe that I know something that you don't.
I remember thinking I can't sleep but she's loving me. And so we just hold on.
I'm so sick and tired of the liar that's in my life. I'm so sick and tired of the fire that won't ignite
Your best you tried, and yeah you did fine. No better than fine, perfect in my mind
Slide your feet, create the shock touch another, watch it pop
Man I don't wanna be able to breathe, be able to see what's become of the wars of this world and the wars from my tongue
So with a humble heart, teach me some lessons. Show me to do my part in the place you have me standing.
Oh, falling apart, is anyone watching? Is anyone listening? Are you listening?
Drove out to California, straight through the desert of Arizona, sweet Texas I'll kiss you, hope to be back, but now I gotta leave you
Epic warfare. It's spiritual. When out of nowhere come the black cannon balls.

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