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Forced Order
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I am the purest there is
And I had true love’s kiss
Defied the queen
Who’s really mean
And now I’m living in bliss
My heart was robbed by Snow
And then I became John Doe
I fell in some water
But we found our daughter
All is the mo.
I am the dark one it’s true
To Belle I say: ‘I love you’
I lost my son Bae
And to this very day
I need revenge anew
Nothing compares to my Jolly
But Emma’s a pretty polly
I do like her bum
And I do like my rum
But that William Smee’s a wally
As Lacey I was a tart
But I have a very kind heart
Got my nose in some books
Got some pretty good looks
And with Rumpel I’ll never part
Henry was mine, mine I say!
Until Emma came and took him away
The same happened with Robin
For whom my heart was a throbbin’
Now my evil streak is here to sta
Stuck in a tree with a girl
Left in an unknown world
With my box I felt good
Till my legs turned to wood
And my lies all began to unfurl
It’s a tough old life for me
My father was dark, you see
I have no mother
Betrayed my lover
Died leaving my son, Henry
I ate my boyfriend, don’t judge me
It’s just I thought he was furry
My granny makes pie
At the moon I do cry
The wolf just longs to be free
Did you know I like making hats?
And meeting Cheshire cats?
Lost my daughter Paige-y
And now I’ve gone crazy
How does it get worse than that?
Got a complex family tree
Two mums who both love me
My teacher’s my Nanny
Like to visit Granny
For my favourite cinnamon tea
With Henry’s madness I tried
But to me he constantly lied
I’m a cricket? No way!
A shrink I will stay
Let conscience be your guide!
On a land where I’ll never grow old
And magical stories are told
The Lost Boys have fun
And Rumple’s my son
You know he spins straw into gold?
In a red leather jacket I stroll
In my stolen yellow car I roll
I’m a rebel at heart
From Neal I did part
Now Hook fills my heart’s big hole

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