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Drug addict and member of 'Drive Shaft'
Annoying blonde who gets shot in Season Two
Runaway who falls in love with the doctor
Can't speak English
Can speak English but pretends they can't
Sexy Iraqi man who turns out to be a torturer...whoops
Man obsessed with calling his son's name
The spinal surgeon who has control issues
Falls in love with his step-sister
Loud woman with cancer
Her husband
The unlucky one who likes chicken
Man who owns a box of knives
Pretends to be 'Henry Gale' who crashed in a hot air balloon. I'm guessing the producers like The Wizard of Oz.
Likes to give people nicknames and insult them
Likes planes
Gives birth and goes crazy
The scientific geek who needs a shave
His ginger companion
The one that can talk to the dead...weird
She falls into a hole and dies, clumsy.
The one with an eye patch
The Scottish bloke who likes whiskey and calls everyone his brother
She likes guns. A lot.
This woman is French and has been on the island for years
Her daughter
Her boyfriend
The man and woman who get buried alive
She may be 'crazy' but at least she helps Hurley with his diet
Looks like he is wearing eyeliner
This guy can turn into smoke. That's pretty cool.
He has a stick with Bible scripture written on it
An Other who injects Claire with a needle
The boy
The dog
The highest authority
Japanese man who tries to kill Sayid
Daniel's pushy mother
Man who abducts Walt and has a fake beard
Scientist in Dharma films
Ben's alcoholic father
Wealthy man trying to find the island, and stages the find of a fake wreckage of the plane
His daughter, who loves Desmond
Jack's dad who appears everywhere

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