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Can you name the NBA's best big 3s?

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1960s Celtics Center
1960s Celtics Power Forward
1960s Celtics Shooting Guard
1970s Knicks Center
1970s Knicks Small Forward
1970s Knicks Point Guard
1972 Lakers Center
1972 Lakers Small Forwad
1972 Lakers Shooting Guard
Early 1970s Bucks Center
Early 1970s Bucks Small Forward
Early 1970s Bucks Point Guard
1970s Celtics Center
1970s Celtics Small Forward
1970s Celtics Point Guard
1980s Lakers Center
1980s Lakers Small Forward
1980s Lakers Point Guard
1980s Celtics Center
1980s Celtics Power Forward
1980s Celtics Small Forward
1980s 76ers Center
1980s 76ers Small Forward
1980s 76ers Point Guard
1990s Bulls Power Forward (1987-1994)
1990s Bulls Power Forward (1995-1998)
1990s Bulls Small Forward
1990s Bulls Shooting Guard
1990s Jazz Power Forward
1990s Jazz Small Forward
1990s Jazz Point Guard
Early 2000s Lakers Center
Early 2000s Lakers Shooting Guard
Early 2000s Lakers Point Guard
2000s Spurs Power Forward
2000s Spurs Shooting Guard
2000s Spurs Point Guard
Late 2000s Celtics Power Forward
Late 2000s Celtics Small Forward
Late 2000s Celtics Shooting Guard
Late 2000s Lakers Center
Late 2000s Lakers Power Forward
Late 2000s Lakers Shooting Guard
Early 2010s Heat Power Forward
Early 2010s Heat Small Forward
Early 2010s Heat Shooting Guard
2011 Mavericks Power Forward
2011 Mavericks Small Forward
2011 Mavericks Point Guard
Current Warriors Power Forward
Current Warriors Small Forward
Current Warriors Shooting Guard
Current Warriors Point Guard
Current Wizards Small Forward
Current Wizards Shooting Guard
Current Wizards Point Guard
Current Timberwolves Center
Current Timberwolves Small Forward
Current Timberwolves Shooting Guard
Current Spurs Power Forward
Current Spurs Small Forward
Current Spurs Shooting Guard
Type KOT4Q
What comes after H, and then after R?
To the left of these on your keyboard:YJR
Michael Jordan is basketball

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