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Aleric sacks Rome
Haitian Revolution Begins
Royal Society of Fellows Begins
Edict of Nantes
Peasant's Revolt
Clovis becomes King of the Franks
Battle of Yorktown
First Nobel Prize Awarded
Battle of Manzikert
Texas Annexed into the United States
Montgomery Bus Boycotts
First Opium War begins
Nero becomes Roman Emporer
Da Vinci dies
Assize of Arms
Wounded Knee Massacre
Chernobyl Disaster
Akbar becomes King of the Moguls
King Leopold II colonizes Congo
Battle of Yarmouk
Lief Ericson Discovers North America
Castro becomes PM of Cuba
The Jungle published
Sueilman I Born
First Seminole Wars
Thomas Becket Murded
Osama Bin Laden Killed
Second Russo-Turkish Wars
Siege of Malta
Battle of the Bulge
Prince Henry Starts School of Navigation
Tamerlane destorys Delhi
Joan of Arc burns at the Stake
New Deal Begins
California Gold Rush
Mt. St. Helens Erupts
The Storming of the Bastille
People's Republic of China Formed
Bloody Sunday (Russia)
Czechoslovakia Splits
Salem Witch Trails
Ottoman Empire formed
Battle of Trafalgar
William Penn establishes Pennsylvania
Martin Luther King, Jr. Assassinated
Mary Queen of Scots Executed
Trail of Tears
Catherine the Great become Empress
Dust Bowl Begins
Hildalgo Executed
Mansa Musa arrives at Mecca
Ming Dynasty Falls
Pablo Escobar Gunned Down
Petra Discovered
Chinese Exclusion Act
NAACP Formed
Ivan IV becomes Grand Prince
Cuban Revolution begins
St. Petersburg named Capital of Russia
Great Fire of Rome
Treaty of Karlowitz
Spain cecedes Florida to the U.S.
NATO is Formed
Marshall Plan
U.S. takes control of Panama Canal Building
Earthquake destroys Pharos Lighthouse*
Plessy vs Ferguson
Houdini dies
Apple Company Formed
South Sudan Becomes a Nation
Alfred the Great becomes King
League of Nations formed
Boston Massacre
Wilheim becomes emperer of Germany
Eiffel Tower Completed
Earhart Disappears in Flight
Romans & Visigoths stop Attila the Hun
Yugoslav War begins
First 'Red Scare' begins
Montezuma II becomes Aztec Emporer
Carter finds King Tut's Tomb
Issac Newton Born
Monroe Doctrine
18th Amendment (Prohibition)
1st Bull Run (Manassas)
Acts of Union
Lennon Gunned Down
Earthquake of the Mississippi Valley
Monroe Doctrine
Olympic Isreali Hostage/Murders at Munich
Thatcher becomes PM of Britian
Pullman Strike
Iran-Contra Affair Becomes Public
Cook killed in Hawaii
Machu Picchu Discovered
Robespierre Executed
Hertz discovers Radio Waves
Shaka (Zulu) Murdered
British East India Company Found
Paine's Common Sense Published
War of the Roses begins
Treaty of Nanking
Ronald Reagan Dies
Apollo 8 Mission
Edward the Confessor becomes King
Richard the Lion-Hearted dies
Polo Returns from China
Wilson's Fourteen Points
Irish Potato Famine commences
Elizabeth I becomes Queen
De Soto discovers the Mississippi River
Mendeleev presents the Periodic Table
Richelieu becomes PM of France
The Manhattan Project Begins
Alfred the Great dies
The Crusaders seize Jerusalem
Zachary Taylor Dies in Office
Jonestown Massacre
Battle of Sterling Bridge
Death of Benjamin Franlkin
Roosevelt elected President 3rd Cons. Time
Yihtzak Rabin Assassinated
Boston Tea Party
Republic of Liberia founded
English seize New Amsterdam; becomes New York
Emancipation Proclamation
Treaty of Ghent
Morzart Dies
Tiananmen Square Protests/Massacre
Brazil abolishes Slavery
Plague of Justinian begins
Bonnie & Clyde Gunned Down
Cold War officially ends
Taj Mahal completed
Edo/Shogun Period ends in Japan
Trotsky exiled
Philippines gains freedom from the U.S.
Great Leap Forward begins
Henry IV (France) is Assassinated
Holy Roman Empire Ceases
Diary of Anne Frank published
Mughal Empire ends
Battle of Mogadishu
Second Crusades begin
Brown vs Board of Education
Ponce de Leon dies
Chiang Kai-Shek becomes Chairman
Charles I Beheaded
First Sino-Japanese War
Yasser Arafat dies
Sputnik 1 & 2 Launched
Jackie Robinson is first Black in MLB
Smallpox Vaccination Discovered
Great Fire of Rome
Battle of Château-Thierry
Russo-Japanese War Begins
Mongol Empire Begins
First Great Awakening Begins
When Siam became Thailand
Black Death (Great Plague) begins
Philippine-American War begins
Siege of Tenochititlan
Panama Canal Completed
Blackbeard killed
Al Capone imprisoned
Genghis Khan dies
Nehru becomes PM of India
Battle of New Orleans
Israel becomes a Nation
Gaileo modifies the Telescope
Joan of Arc Burned at the Stake
The Warsaw Pact
Salk finds Polio vaccination
War of the Roses begins
Ireland becomes Free State
Pizarro Murdered
First Nobel Prize awarded
Muslim (Umayyad) conquest of Hispania
1st Scottish War of Independence begins
Pablo Picasso is born
Battle of Campaldino
The Great Schism
Construction Begins on Berlin Wall
Harding Dies in Office
Song Dynasty Begins
Indira Gahndi assassinated
Black Death (Great Plague) ends
Battle of San Juan Hill
Hong Kong released from British Control
Dissolution of the Monasteries
Otto I is crowned Holy Roman Emporer
Lenin dies
King Philip II becomes King of Spain
Huey Long assassinated
Siege of Orléans began
Soviet Union Collapses
Battle of Bannockburn
Scopes Trial
Jingkang Incident
Reconstruction Ends

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