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Can you name the years of these significant 15th Century events?

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The World's first known brandy, Armangac, is distilled.
Ottoman Interregnum period ends, with Mehmet I becoming emperor.
János (John) Hunyadi haults advances of the Turks during the Siege of Belgrade.
Bartholomeu Dias reaches Cape of Good Hope.
Leonardo da Vinci is born.
Henry V of England dies.
Ferdinand and Isabella unite Spanish Crown with marriage.
Joan of Arc is believed to be born in this year.
Sigismund becomes Holy Roman Emperor.
The Gutenberg Bible is published.
Vasco da Gama becomes first European India by sea; directly from Europe).
Onin War in Japan begins.
Timur (Tamerlane) dies of the plague (not Black Death.)
Council of Constance begins.
Copernicus is born.
Forbidden Palace construction begins in Peking.
Battle of Shrewsbury takes place.
Treaty of Torsedillas is signed between Portugal and Spain.
Aztec Triple Alliance is established.
Battle of Mortimer's Cross; Henry VI is ousted as King of England.
University of Leipzig is established.
The Hundred Years' War ends, England loses all but Calais.
Giovanni Caboto (John Cabot) begins his search for the Northwest Passage to China
The Hussite Wars begins.
Vlad Tepes fights off Mehmet II during The Night Attack
James I of Scotland returns from being a hostage by English forces.
Pedro Alvares Cabral is first European to discover Brazil.
Zheng He starts his first of several voyages during the early Ming Dynasty.
Guru Nanak Dev is born.
Matthias Corvinus becomes ruler of Hungary.
The Pazzi assassination attempt on Lorenzo and Guiliano de Medici (Guiliano dies)
Filippo Brunelleschi dies.
Michelangelo completes Pietà.
Drepung Monestary is founded for teaching of Buddhism.
Eton College is established.
Sonni Ali is first king of the Songhai Empire
The City of Bucharest is founded.
Savonarola is burned at the stake.
Treaty of Troyes is signed between England and France.
Topa Inca Becomes ruler of the Incas.
Edward V and his younger brother are belived to be murdered in the Tower of London.
Timur (Tamerlane) captures Baghdad.
The Medici bank is established.
The Western Schism officially ends.
Nicholas of Cusa invents concave lenses in order to correct near-sightedness.
The Masjed-e-Kabud (Blue Mosque) is completed
Ivan the III of Russia conquers Tver.
The Empire of Trebizond falls to the Turks, becoming the last of the Byzantine outposts to fall.
The Italian Wars begin.
Zhu Di becomes the Yongle Emperor.

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