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Can you name the trivia about Green Lantern?

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Current Writer of 'Green Lantern'
Current Artist of 'Green Lantern'
Secret Identity of the First Green Lantern
First Appearance of GL I
Year of GL I's First Appearance
GL I's Creators
GL I's Hometown
GL I's First Occupation
GL I's Second Occupation
GL I's First Wife
GL I's First Wife's Evil Alter Ego
GL I's Second Wife
GL I's Second Wife's Evil Alter Ego
GL I's Son's Codename
GL I's Son's Secret Identity
GL I's Daughter's Codename
GL I's Daughter's Secret Identity
Team GL I is a Founding Member of...
GL I's Power Source
GL I's Weakness
GL I's Arch-Enemy
After a 'Youthification,' GL I Briefly Used the Codename...
Secret Identity of Second Green Lantern
First Appearance of GL II
Year of GL II's First Appearance
GL II's Creators
GL II's Hometown
GL II's (Main) Occupation
GL II's (Main) Love Interest
GL II's (Main) Love Interest's (Sometimes) Evil Alter Ego
GL II's Friend (With a Fairly Racist Nickname)
GL II's Brother
GL II's Other Brother
Team GL II is a Founding Member of...
GL II's Weakness (Pre-2004)
GL II's Arch-Enemy
GL II's Somewhat Lesser, but Much Larger Headed, Nemesis
GL II's 'Hard Traveling' Partner
GL II's 'Hard Traveling' Partner's Secret Identity
GL II Became a Villain when Possessed by...
...Which Was Eradicated (After Some Time) After He Merged with...
Secret Identity of Third Green Lantern
First Appearance of GL III
Year of GL III's First Appearance
GL III's Creators
GL III's Hometown
GL III's Alma Mater
GL III's (Pre-GL) Occupation
GL III's Love Interest
GL III's Love Interest's Secret Identity
GL III's Arch-Enemy
Team GL III is a Founding Member of...
GL III Briefly Used the Codename...
...After Discovering His (Later Eradicated) Alien Heritage, From a Race Known as the...
Secret Identity of Fourth Green Lantern
First Appearance of GL IV
Year of GL IV's First Appearance
GL IV's Creators
GL IV's Occupation
GL IV's Other Occupation
GL IV's Wife
GL IV's (Self-Proclaimed) Arch-Enemy
...Who Blames Him for the Destruction of This Planet...
Secret Identity of Fifth Green Lantern
First Appearance of GL V
Year of GL V's First Appearance
GL V's Creators
GL V's Hometown
GL V's Occupation
GL V's First Girlfriend
...Who Was Later Killed and Stuffed in a Refrigerator by...
GL V's Second Girlfriend
...Who Was Later Killed by...
GL V's 'True Love'
...Who Was Later Killed (Somewhat Indirectly) by...
GL V's Current Girlfriend
GL V's (Self-Proclaimed) Arch-Enemy
For a Time, GL V Used the Codename...
GL II's (and All Subsequent GL's) Power Source
...Which is Located on the Planet...
...Which is Protected by...
...Whose Leader (Most of the Time) Is...
All GLs Harnesses this Power Source by Using a...
...Which Was Given to GL II by...
...And Corresponds on the 'Emotional Spectrum' to...
'Drill Sergeant' of the Green Lantern Corps
Four Armed Green Lantern Who Is the 'Keeper of the Book of Oa'
Member of the Green Lantern Corps That Is Also a Planet
Lost Lantern Who Briefly Dated GL II
Green Lantern Who Is a Member of the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century
The Green Lanterns' Predecessors (From Whom No Man Escapes)
...Who Were Briefly Led by This General in the Sinestro Corps
The Other (as of yet, Unmentioned in this Quiz) General in the Sinestro Corps
The Sinestro Corps' (and Later Black Lantern Corps) Power Source
The First Red Lantern
The First Blue Lantern
The First (and Only) Orange Lantern
The Leader of the Indigo Tribe
The First Black Lantern
The Leader of the Black Lanterns

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