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What basketball position does Michael assume Stanley plays?
Who does Creed convince Michael to fire?
What does Michael and Christian order at Chili's when discussing the needs of the county?
What former Dunder Mifflin Scranton employee killed themselves? Revealed during the suggestion box meeting
Actor Jim Kerry plays a Regional Manager interviewee who is supposed to be where?
Who tells Clark to 'go to hell' after saying his name is close to a british novelist?
During the Sabre introduction video what does Christian Slater tell the employees they will taste at Sabre?
Who wins 'Hottest in the office' during Michael's last Dundies?
What is the name of the receptionist at Dunder Mifflin Utica?
What is the name of the warehouse worker who has 'steady hand'?
Who agrees to have sexual relations with Meredith on the last day of work?
What is the man doing in the Mad Lib story that Andy and Angela create?
What desert does Todd Packer lace with noxious ingredients in order to take revenge against the Scranton Branch?
What Dunder Mifflin employee that leverages his new position to a job offer at Staples?
Who was Pam's replacement as receptionist that Michael describes as 'boring'?
Scranton Branch's tech supporter, Sadiq is restoring what car in his spare time?
What stock did Michael tell Jo he bought that is doing rather poorly?
What brand of chip does Jim help Karen find?
Who does Michael meet outside the elevators that then asks Michael for a job?
What high school did Toby Flenderson attend?
What does Pam's bridesmaid, Isabel do for a living?
What gun is Jim using during Call of Duty that Josh and Andy get angry over?
Who is Pam's art school friend that tries to convinces her not to return to Scranton?
What does Luke bring back from the store that is called a 'clutch cream run'?
What company does Mose list on his resume as a previous employer?
Which 'Five Families' member is described as a 'grade A badass'?
What item does Dwight accidentally dentate in attempt to kill lice?
What is the name of the screenplay that MLB Ryan Howard writes?
What organization does Angela admit she reported Oscar to?
Who does Dwight fire in the series Finale?
What name does Robert use when introducing himself to David Wallace?
Where do Angela and Pam both reveal the name of their babies to be Phillip?
What is the name of Michael's step-dad?
What cheese can be found 'south of the border' on Andy and Michael's cheese cart?
How many reams does Dwight beat Dunder Mifflin's new website by in a sales competition?
What is Michael's online dating site username?
What office supply of Dwight's does Jim put in Jell-O?
Who is the only character that Michael fake-fired more than once?
What employee that transfers from Stamford does Dwight suggest Michael fire on his first day?
What is answer to the math question that Michael helps the little girl with in the Prince Family Paper office?
What is the name of the chair model that Michael falls in love with?
What company does Charles Miner previously work for?
What flavor yogurt was Pam eating when she realized that she loved Jim?
Who is dunking donuts in the 'Holy Grail' in a prank orchestrated by Jim for Dwight named the 'Dunder Code'?
What colors are the Dunder Mifflin military style uniforms designed by Dwight?
How much does 2 pounds of marijauna cost Michael?
What does Michael attempt to order at the Italian Restaurant with a suspected member of the Mafia?
What do Michael and Dwight bring back from the dump after searching for the leads?
Who is Kevin fictionally and infamously related to when Andy tries to dig up dirt in people's past?
What does Stanley use the Pyramid Tablet caring case for?

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