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Can you name the silly seventh period statistics?

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King Tuttle's math SAT score
King Tuttle's favorite supermodel
King Tuttle's Twitter ID
King Tuttle's favorite film
King Tuttle's opinion on teaching 7th Period
King Tuttle's opinion on classroom pets
King Tuttle's opinion on cheating
King Tuttle's opinion on not trying on the AP exam
King Tuttle's opinion on showing up late to class
King Tuttle's opinion on disciplining students
King Tuttle's infamous disciplinary system
Stephen's Tuttlepoint count as of 4/18/11
Point deduction for shouting F***, S***, or other obscenities
Point deduction for not taking practice tests seriously
Most points lost by the King Butler in two days
Most likely to check the popular film blog 'Collider'
Most likely to interrupt King Tuttle's lecture with a mildly pertinent question
Most likely to be called into the hall by the sub
Most likely to incur the King Tuttle's wrath
Most likely to stop in 7th Period unannounced

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