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Michael Jordan's Alias when staying in hotels on the road
Scottie Pippen's best man in his wedding
Steve Kerr's number
Number of players to win all 6 rings with the Bulls
Bulls player to average the most points other than MJ to have played at least 100 games
Number of retired jerseys
Madhouse on ____________
Scottie Pippen All Defensive selections First Team
Pippen All Defense selections Second Team
Brian Williams real name
When you add up the numbers of the retired jerseys you get __
Derrick Rose's first coach for the Bulls
Chicago Bulls First Coach
MJ wore number's 23, 45, and ___ for the Chicago Bulls
Derrick Rose's number in high school
Scottie Pippen's second team in the NBA
Chicago Bulls's all time three point leader
Michael Jordan was born in what city
Joakim Noah's college
Derrick Rose's agent
Longest regular season winning streak for the Bulls
Luc Longley is from what country
Michael Jordan scored his last points for the bulls in what city?

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