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In Clue; Out ClueWord in Common
Very tired; Holding nothing back
Advertising card in a magazine; Flat tire
Forcibly enter a location; Experience acne or a rash
Purchase participation in a business or poker tournament; Purchase another's portion of a business
Phone a talk show; Challenge to a fight
Make a large profit; Exchange tokens for money
Register at a hotel or hospital; Visually scan
Home in on a target; Clearance sale
Interrupt, esp. a dance; To leave or to remove with a blade
Restaurant with carhops; Forcibly eject, esp. from a territory
Make an unscheduled visit; Discontinue one's education, perhaps abruptly
Dine at home; Dine in a restaurant
Enter a military formation; Nuclear debris
In Clue; Out ClueWord in Common
Relent; To physically collapse, esp. a body joint
Activate a buzzer on a quiz program; Knock out of bounds in a fighting game
Chance meeting; Totally use up, possibly as with the time alloted for a game
A person restricted to home, usually for medical reasons; A sports victory against a scoreless opponent
Passive, non-violent protest; Avoid participation, esp. in a dance
Person who acts in another's stead; Be visually obvious
Enter an ongoing activity, often to stop it; Go on a date
Hoodwink; Purchase food at a restaurant for consumption elsewhere
Join, esp. a social group; Dispose of
Select the winning candidate by ballot; Replace the incumbent
Hairdresser's client without an appointment; Leave during an ongoing activity, esp. a play or movie
Vote for a candidate not officially on the ballot; Remove a character from a script

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