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This loudmouth's speech pattern was inspired by radio characters 'The Sheriff' and 'Senator Claghorn'
While David Jason is perhaps better known as Inspector Frost or Del Trotter, he's also the voice of this character, the world's greatest secret agent
This character got a covering of yellow feathers when censors noticed a line of dialogue referring to him as 'naked'
If negotiations hadn't failed, this title character's show would have been 'Jack Armstrong, All American Boy'
Everyone has probably heard that this character was influenced by a movie scene of Clark Gable eating a carrot
His original name and costume were perhaps a little too close to Superman's, so now he wears yellow and red
His cartoons rarely air on American television, partly due to drunken, gun-toting mice
The Iditarod race, and an animated feature, commemorate the legendary run lead by this real, heroic Husky
One of Phil Hartman's last roles was dubbing the voice of Jiji, her pet cat
The first X-Rated animated film featured this title character
A life-size statue of this robot, displayed in Shiokaze Park, attracted over 4 million visitors
He's probably had more to do with changes to US Copyright law than any other character
The 'Speechless' lithograph, which honors Mel Blanc, doesn't include this character, whose distinctive voice was originated by Arthur Q. Bryan
Some feel this anime character inspired 'The Lion King'
Copyright confusion lead to this perennial villain being renamed 'Brutus'
In development, this character was called 'Happy Hound,' which doesn't seem to fit his personality or the fact that he's sometimes called a poodle
His future fell into question when his creator was found dead at the bottom of a cliff at Mount Arafune, Japan
His frequently shouted catchphrase was inspired by the Brylcreem slogan, 'A litle dab'll do ya.'

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