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Can you name the The Crucible Characters?

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HintsCharacter Name
Has a hidden sin
Reverend Parris' Neice
'Expert' on Witchcraft
John Proctor's Wife
Minister of Salem
Has over 20 grandchildren
Enemy of the Putnam's; Rebecca's Husband
Files a lot lawsuits
Uses the trials to gain more wealth
Only 1 out of 8 children of hers survived;Thomas' Hustband
HintsCharacter Name
Only Child of Ann & Thomas
Brought to Salem by Parris
Timid;Stood quietly in the woods
Her illness was the start of the accusations of witchcraft
Read books that lead to her arrest
One of the Judges during the trials
Second Judge
Danced Naked in the Woods
Appointed by court to arrest those accused of witchcraft

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