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'Can't you be a little more aesthetic?'
'It's all been grand dear, but now it's time to sleep'
'You make me think of a man from years ago'
'And no sober person could take his oath'
'With their awful clothes and their rock n' roll'
'I'd like to stay and taste my first champagne'
'Let me walk with him while the others ride by'
'When he smiled I could feel the car shake'
'This here life is drivin' me nuts'
'You make me smile with my heart'
'I heard you're in your glory playing the 'Dapper Dan'!'
'I can't resist a romeo in a sombrero and chaps'
'For a man may be hot, but he's not when he's shot'
'I'm not such a clumsy guy'
'After you do, he'll never phone 'ya'
'We will never give you cause to hate us'
'Escape me, there's no way'
'There's no good reason that you should believe me'
'Picture me a balcony'
'Frozen like a statue in the air'
'He'll fix you a drink that'll bubble and foam'
'You're frightening, frightening when you say you might go away'
'Why should you only take what you're given?'
'Wishing only wounds the heart'
'Never gonna be a man'

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