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QUIZ: Can you name the Ross lynch facts?

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How old was Ross when he started playing hockey?
What is Ross's favorite word?
Does Ross love the snow or rain?
When did Ross get verified on twitter?
Ross almost always hold the microphone with what hand?
What is Ross's middle name?
What is the name of Ross's guitar?
What is Ross's faveorite kind of pizza?
Where did his parents meet?
What is his agent's name?
When did Ross reach 100,000 followers on twitter?
How old was Ross when he started dancing?
Does Ross chew his food on the left or right side of his mouth?
What is his favorite sport?
What is Ross's favorite color?
What color are his swim trunks?
Does Ross like dogs or cats better?
How old is Ross?(2013)
What is his star sign?
Wht does his name mean?

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