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How many tarsal bones does the horse have?
Which muscles make up the common calcaneous tendon?
On which bone of the pelvis is the tuber coxae found?
What inserts upon the tibial tuberosity?
Which ridge of the femoral trochlear is larger in the horse?
What is the name given to the 2 sesamoid bones found behind the stifle joint in dogs?
In which tendon is the patellar found?
Which vein in the pelvic limb would you use to take blood from in a dog?
Does the obturator nerve give any sensory stimulation?
Where does the head of the femur articulate with the pelvis?
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Which species does not have an acromiun process?
Name a species which does not have a clavicle
What is the sensitive triangle called on the ventral surface of a horse's hoof called?
Which bone makes up the olecranon?
Which structure is found between the superficial digital flexor and the suspensory ligament in the horse?
What are the 2 types of lamellae called?
What type of muscle fibre is this: high myosin and ATPase activity, high oxidative and glycolytic capacity
Where does a farrier place the nails when shoeing a horse?
The nuchal ligament is continuous with which ligament?
How many thoracic verterba are there in the horse?

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