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Can you name the answers to these year 2 parasitology related questions/descriptions?

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Description/questionAnswerExtra Information
What arthropods are considered laterally compressed?
A biting louse is also known as?
When a fly has laid eggs on an animal, the animal is said to be?
This describes which fly? Small, forward pointing proboscis, slender body, legs and narrow wings
Do horse flies or tsetse flies have a wing venation with a characteristic discal cell?
Which type of arthropod is classed as dorsoventrally flattened?
Which type of louse has a broad head, often wider than the thorax?
Are sucking lice found on mammals or mammals and birds?
Fleas can be aided by the presence of rows of chitinous spines, what are these spines called?
Which fly can be recognised by the following description: looks like a hosue fly, but has a forward pointing proboscis, with a grey thorax with long stripes on the thorax, and a gr
Where is 95% of the cat flea population found?
What is the name given to a lice infestation/infection?
Which species of fly can be described as the standard fly?
Name a pathogenic significance of the stable fly
Where do warble flies spend the winter?
Description/questionAnswerExtra Information
What type of flies attack an already struck or damaged area, and extend the damage in fly strike?
What can you use to identify larvae?
Which larvae am I describing: small, yellowish-white, maggot like, covered with bristles
What is the name of the hypersensitivity reaction associated with fleas?
Do cattle have chewing lice, sucking lice or both?
Which family of fly am I describing? Small black flies, arched thorax, short hairless antennae and clear wings.
Which family of fly am I describing? Resemble miniature mosquitoes, hairs on wing margins/veins
Which genus of fly am I describing? Medium sized, reddish borwn with yellow spots, reduced wings and proboscis retracted into the head except in feeding.
Which species of fly doesn't have wings?
Is popping out warbles a current or old methods of treating myiasis?
Name a presdiposing factor for blowfly myiasis.
Do pigs have sucking lice, chewing lice or both?
Are sucking lice or chewing lice more susceptible to systemic insecticides?
Name a control method of decreasing numbers of musca species
Name a pathogenic significance of mosquitoes

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