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First LineAnimeYear
'Mom. I'm not actually your child.'(2011)
'There's no doubt about it. a conspiracy!'(2006)
'Naniwa Bay, now the flower blooms, but for winter. Here comes spring, now the flower blooms.'(2011)
'Huh? That's odd...He won't wake up.'(2011)
'An attraction full of thrill and excitement! Surely the dream you want to see can be found here. At (title).'(2011) (Note: Technically, the first line is 'Good morning.')'
'He became a prince out of necessity.'(2009)
'Have you heard of Misaki? From the 9th grade, class 3.'(2012)
'More power.'(2008) (Note: In the dubbed version, the line is 'Want more power.')
'The brain is a tremendous system, comprised of ten billion nerve cells.' (2011)
“A young man will surely die soon! That death will be the beginning of everything…The world will turn to stone and start to tumble!”(2011)

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