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What is the 2nd powerful stone?
Who plays The Stone Maker?
King Endor is the king of what area of land?
Which guardian 'has no one seen and lived'?
How many minutes is Stone of Power 1?
Who gets shot by Martin?
What was the cause of the first EVER blooper?
Who is King Endor's brother?
Who wrote Stone of Power?
What year was Stone of Power 1 made?
What does Robert always wear?
What weapon kills The Black Knight?
What editing software is used for Stone of Power?
What colour is the video camera used?
What breed of dog portrays the donkey?
What killed Bob?
How many royal swords of Endor are there?
What colours are the two powerful stones?
What does Robert take from Rodger for a sacrifice?
Who is the rightful owner of THE STONE OF POWER!!!!????

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