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Can you name the TV shows from the clues regarding the meaning/origin of their titles?

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Forced Order
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The family-named Torquay hotel where the show is set
A term coined by 1950's Madison Avenue executives to describe themselves
The name of the hospital-related work attire that most of the main characters wear
One way of describing planet Earth, to where the main characters have moved
The surname of the New York City protagonist/co-creator
The name of the local government department of which the Hoosier protagonist is deputy director
What the entire show aims to explain for the central character's son and daughter
The status of the show's superior generation characters with regard to relationship and offspring
The name of another dimension - one not only of sight and sound, but also of mind - in which, perhaps, the show takes place
The number of missing people who return all at once in Washington state to discover they have unique magical powers, forming the basis of the show's plot
A common explanation for the origin of the known universe believed by scientists, such as those in the show
Term referring to where the clients of the show's family business are situated
From American Southwest slang, a phrase which refers to the protagonist's increasing lack of care for authority and morality
A concise, yet erroneous, weather report of the PA city where the show is set
A portmanteau of the US state the protagonist moves to and one of his favourite pastimes
A ~200 year old phrase which, in part, refers to the initial incarceration of the patriarch of the show's family
The name of the fictional, kooky Washington town (population 51,201) in which the show is set
A short form of the name of the New York City skyscraper in which the show primarily takes place
A short adjective which accurately describes, on many levels, just how the large ensemble of characters in the show (and perhaps the audience) are feeling
The area of the White House whose staff are the focal point of the show

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