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100.This 1895 short film caused audiences to physically duck upon seeing it.
99.Reverend Harry Powell pursues the children through a swamp.
98.Giant rats attack innocent house dwellers.
97.Imagery of an autopsied alien terrified viewers.
96.1996 music video by The Prodigy featuring bizarre imagery.
95.1957 German children's film whose content was never intended to scare.
94.In the first cinematic jump scare ever, Alice flees from her pursuant, only to encounter a bus.
93.The monster is set on fire.
92.Surreal imagery in this brief sci-fi play frightened audiences of its time.
91.The first appearance of Darth Vader.
90.Bela Lugosi makes his presence as the villain known.
89.1975 cartoon PSAs informing the British populace what to do in case of nuclear war.
88.Bill Masen fights off a Triffid.
87.Albie Kinsella threatens the British populace in the episode, 'To Be a Somebody.'
86.The ventriloquist's dummy sequence.
85.Mark Lewis threatens to kill Helen with his tripod.
84.Max Cady breaks into the Bowdens' houseboat.
83.The final apparition reveals itself to Professor Parkin.
82.The voice of the Mysterons in this sci-fi series horrified viewers of the era.
81.A body is found under the patio in this British soap opera.
80.The Evil Queen transforms from a beautiful woman into a hag.
79.Television series depicting an Orwellian nightmare.
78.Bruce Banner becomes the eponymous character.
77.William Shatner sees something on the wing in 'Nightmare at 20,000 Feet' in this sci-fi anthology.
76.'The Wicker Man' for kids, this children's drama is notorious for depicting children within a massive stone circle.
75.Death takes away small children who drown in ponds in this infamous British PSA.
74.The narrator describes the effect of a nuclear warhead on the human anatomy.
73.Televised productions of this rock star's stage show have terrified young teens for generations.
72.The monster drowns a girl by accident.
71.Michael Jackson becomes a werewolf.
70.Nuclear war paranoia and fear of extraterrestrials combine in this British horror serial.
69.A 'cap' is revealed in this television series based on the works of John Christopher
68.David dismembers a corpse and buries it.
67.Annie Wilkes hobbles her favorite author.
66.Meredith Merridew unwittingly eats his poodles.
65.Alex Forrest emerges from the bathtub, knife in hand.
64.Mr. Blonde hacks off a policeman's ear to the tune of 'Stuck in the Middle with You.'
63.The 'Quiet as a Nun' episode of this anthology series proved to be one of the scariest episodes in all of British television.
62.Suzy stabs Helena through the neck in an act of self-defense, all the while being pursued by Sarah's rotting corpse.
61.Jeffrey hides in the closet while a laughing gas-crazed Frank Booth rapes his wife.
60.2002 music video by Basement Jaxx featuring monkeys with human heads.
59.Roald Dahl terrifies audiences with a televised adaptation of 'Royal Jelly' in this anthology series.
58.Helen uses the incantation, leading the eponymous villain to murder her psychologist.
57.Trevor menaces Little Mo in this British soap opera.
56.Dr. Szell drills into Babe's fresh tooth without anesthesia.
55.Tommy DeVito nearly murders one of his fellow mobsters over being called 'funny.'
54.The original title sequence of this television series combined with its iconic theme proved frightening to children back in 1963.
53.A newly zombified Karen Cooper kills her mother.
52.Robin's daughter is revealed as a human-Visitor hybrid in this sci-fi series.
51.Rosemary Woodhouse is violated by a demon while amidst a satanic cult.
50.In this classic horror anthology series, blood pours from a pipe during a child's birthday party.
49.British PSA warning about the consequences of HIV.
48.Michel rises from the dead and literally scares Christina to death.
47.Dr. Miles Bennell warns the audience that they are next.
46.Terry gets hit by a speeding bus.
45.Rex realizes he has been buried alive.
44.A radio broadcast so terrifying people actually committed suicide out of fear.
43.The crows gather on the jungle gym before attacking school children.
42.Ralphie Glick turns his brother into a vampire.
41.This television satire managed scare as well as mock the ghost hunting phenomenon.
40.Grace finds out that a ghost is actually her daughter.
39.'The Dalek Invasion of Earth' serial proves to be the first frightening storyline of this sci-fi television series.
38.Count Orlock's shadow crawls up the wall.
37.The Child Catcher goes to work.
36.Christopher Lee updates the most infamous monster in horror history.
35.1997 Aphex Twin video featuring Richard D. James-faced children and male birth.
34.The eponymous wooden structure is first revealed.
33.Cole reveals that he can see dead people.
32.Richard Hillman plays the serial killer in this soap opera, one of the longest running in the history of the medium.
31.In what is considered the most terrifying commercial ever made, this monster appeared as part of a Metz advertising campagin.
30.Valeria begins smoking... literally.
29.Ghosts emerge from the television.
28.The reveal of Hannibal Lecter.
27.Carrie White's hand emerges from the grave.
26.This ambient comedy series drew scares for its combination of absurd humor and unnerving imagery.
25.The Gentlemen steal everyone's voices in 'Hush' in this Josh Whedon series.
24.Dark comedy abounds in this special during the 'most wonderful time of the year,' so long as that time does not involve a blackface-wearing clown named Papa Lazarou
23.The Wicked Witch of the West sends the flying monkeys after Dorothy and her friends.
22.Ghostface threatens Casey using a cell phone.
21.Killer BOB attacks the teens in this David Lynch/Mark Frost television series.
20.John chases down the figure in red, only to learn that it is the serial killer who has been terrorizing Venice.
19.Pinhead and the Cenobites emerge.
18.Rage victims attack while our heroes struggle to change a tire.
17.A man's arms are torn off by the monster.
16.David transforms into a werewolf.
15.Jason Voorhees emerges from the water and claims his last victim.
14.The Gluttony victim reveals himself to be not quite dead.
13.Tooms almost murders Scully in 'Squeeze' in this sci-fi horror series.
12.Cheryl becomes possessed while dealing cards.
11.The staircase scene.
10.Freddy Krueger's first appearance.
9.A woman commits suicide in the name of Damien.
8.Leatherface kills Jerry.
7.Michael Myers stabs Laurie only seconds after she finds the dead bodies of her friends.
6.Samara emerges from the television.
5.Heather drops her camera as the film ends.
4.The chestburster kills Kane.
3.The dead body is discovered underwater.
2. Regan's head spins around.
1.Jack breaks through the bathroom door and threatens his wife.

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