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Can you name the characters from all three chapters of Mardek?

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He generally feels that others know best, especially when his mind hurts from thinking sometimes.
Will explain the controls to you.
Goznor's resident eccentric inventor.
Being of light, ex-member of Governance de Magi.
Her eyes are a brilliant, mesmerising shade of blue, and they almost appear to glow...
Self-righteous, arrogant, blindly religious and devoted to his cause.
It seems as if he's been scarred deeply or learned to suppress his emotions.
He's Manly.
He has long hair.
She's exceedingly shy and rarely speaks at all.
A rather inept and overly dramatic Bandit Chief.
Macho Hero man who leads 'The World's Saviours'
Thief with a heart of gold. How very original.
Typical healing-magic-casting Princess of 'The World's Saviours'
An old man who doesn't fit in with the Saviours at all...
Lost her parents to a curse cast by the Lake Hag.
The above's best friend.
Ze Commander of ze Royal Guard of Goznor.
Being of earth, fond of necromancy.
Grand Adventurer, hero of first two characters in list.
Ssstrongly devoted to hisss people.
Left in charge of Xantusia. Definitely not plotting anything at all, really.
Strange talking wolf thing.
Has four internal residents.
A complete stranger who has never been in the story before.
An unusual man who keeps popping up and using keystones as a metaphor.
Necromancer, talks as if narrating his own life.
Being of aether, fond of impersonation.
Being of fire, speaks in ALL CAPS.
Being of air, spouts random food-related sentences.
Being of water, maybe actually sensible.
Being of darkness, self-proclaimed leader of the Governance de Magi.

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