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Leading you down into my core, where ____ (4)Bring Me to Life
Hunting you, I can smell you, alive. Your _____ (5) Haunted
She beckons me shall I give in, upon my _____ (4)Whisper
They dont know that you cant leave me, they dont _____ (5)Even In Death
Dont look back, _______ (3)Anywhere
I cant go on like this, _____ (5)Away From Me
I feel you in my dreams and _____ (3)Snow White Queen
Ive found a world, where love and dreams and _____ (3)Together Again
A world of nothingness, ______ (3)Sweet Sacrifice
Dont love me, just get your things, ______ (5)Call Me When You're Sober
And if I sleep just to dream of you, ______ (5)Missing
We're all grieving, ______ (3)Only One
And Ive completely lost my mind, ______ (4)Good Enough
I lay dying, and Im pouring ____ (2)Tourniquet
Though you're still with me, ________ (5)My Immortal
You saw me mourning my love for you, _____ (4)Taking Over Me
Craving those things _____ (3)Lacrymosa
Couldnt hide the emptiness, _____ (4)Lithium
Mary had a lamb, _____(5)Lose Control
Youll never be strong enough, ______ (5)Lies

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