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When did BVB form?
What was the title of their first EP?
What was the lead singer's nickname?
What was his actual name?
Who was next of the present line up to join?
Then who joined closely after that?
What was their first album called?
Who was the drummer before the present one?
What is the name of the single released from this album?
What was the first albums' original title?
Which three songs were previous songs, but were altered for the first album?
Who is the present drummer of BVB?
What was the name of the second album?
How many singles were released from this album?
First Single?
Second Single?
Third Single?
Can you name the bonus track from this album?
What injury did he receive a week before Warped Tour 2011?
Then in October, what injury did he receive?
What was the name of their second EP?
What two covers did they release from that album?
Which song did they release a video for in this EP?
Who did the snake in this video belong to?
Who was the new producer for their third album?
What was the full name of this album?
When did they release their third album
What is the name of their film that they released on the 6th of January 2013?
What was the single called that was released on Halloween?
Who is the voice of F.E.A.R?
Who is the guest vocalist on the song Days Are Numbered?
Who are the two guest vocalists on the song Lost It All
What famous magazine tour did they headline this year?
Support #1?
Support #2?
Support #3?
What is the name of their tour that they will be continuing in April?
What tour are they going to perform on in July-August?
What Award did the two guitarists win in 2012?
True Or False- One of the Guitarists are married.
Which member joined Yashin on stage to sing their cover of Britney Spears' Everytime?
Who is the main actress in the film?
Why did BVB cancel the last week of tour dates in 2012?
True Or False- the Bassist of BVB has started a Fashion Line
What famous tattoo does the lead singer have on his wrist?
We Scream, We Shout-

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