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Blue hedgehog
Two tailed fox
Villainous scientist
Scientist's two robotos
Planet where it takes place
The new foes
The new foes' species
New foes' leader
First zone
Second zone
Third zone
Fourth zone
Fifth zone
Sixth zone
Final zone
Oldest/blue foe
Purple haired foe
Pink foe
Green foe
Yellow foe
Yellow wisp (Returning)
Orange wisp (Returning)
Red wisp (Returning)
Black wisp
Crimson wisp
Grey wisp
Indigo wisp
Ivory wisp
Magenta wisp
Cyan wisp (Returning)
Green wisp (Returning)
Multi-player will feature which character
Eggman controls the deadly six with what
Returning red Echidna
Returning pink hedgehog
DLC to be featured as pre-order bonus

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